Un-series fonts (a new set of Korean fonts)


This is to inform the Linux community and the open source community
(and distribution builders) of new sets of Korean truetype fonts,
Un-series fonts (GPL'd) made available thanks to UN Koaunghi
(who painstakingly scanned, converted to outlines and hand-hinted
them all) and PARK Won-Kyu. They're originally made as PS fonts
to use with Korean TeX/LaTeX/OmegaLambda (HLaTeX [1]) by UN Koaunghi in
the late 1990's.  Recently, PARK Won-kyu converted them to truetype fonts
and added GSUB tables to one of them (UnBatang) for the full support of
Korean script with Korean letters (Hangul Jamos : U+1100).

They're available at the moment at (will be available as well later somewhere
at http://kldp.net/prjects/....)

http://chem.skku.ac.kr/~wkpark/project/font/GSUB (UnBatang with GSUB)
http://chem.skku.ac.kr/~wkpark/project/font/UnFonts (the rest of the series)

Advantages over Baekmuk fonts (included in most Linux distributions) are:

 - they come in 7 families        : UnBatang(serif), UnDotum(sans-serif),
                                    UnGungseo(cursive, brush-stroke),
                                    UnPilgi (script), UnShinmun,
                                    UnYetgul (a bit like 'Frankfurt' ? and
                                              old Korean printing style),
                                    UnBom, UnGraphic

 - wider character repertoire : covers the fullset of Latin-1 as well
                                as the full set of
                                precomposed Hangul syllables, and
                                Chinese characters in KS X 1001

 - three of them come in bold as well as in regular
   (no need to tinker with 'artificial bolding')

 - one of them (UnBatangOdal) has GSUB tables for pre-1933 orthography
   Korean text rendering with Korean letters (Hangul Jamos).


http://ftp.dante.de/tex-archive/fonts/korean/HLaTeX and other CTAN archives)

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