Re: viewing multi line text using pangoft2topgm

On Mon, 2003-09-15 at 15:26, Owen Taylor wrote:
> On Mon, 2003-09-15 at 15:07, Rajkumar S wrote:
> > Hi,
> > 
> > Is it possible to view multi line text using pangoft2topgm ? When I 
> > tried to view a file of test cases, It is only allowing me to view one 
> > line at a time.
> > 
> > I also get a Seg fault when the contents of the attached file, ie a 
> > simple file with no line feed
> > 
> > do I need to file a bug for this?
> What version of Pango are you using? I'd really suggest CVS head if
> you are interested in future development. Stuff like ZWZ/ZWNJ handling
> is never going to be fixed in pango-1.2.
> The pangoftopgm.c there is definitely nicer. I'm just about to commit
> some more improvements to it, but what's already in CVS handles multiple
> paragraphs, etc.

OK, finished that:

Mon Sep 15 15:48:25 2003  Owen Taylor  <otaylor redhat com>
        * examples/ examples/argcontext.c examples/argcontext.h:
        Borrow argument parsing code from GDK.
        * examples/pangoft2topgm.c: Use argcontext.[ch]. Add options
        --header to display options in a header in the image, --text
        to pass the text on the command line, --width to set a
        wrap width. Add autoconversion to non-PGM output formats
        via 'convert' for  --output="foo.png" etc.
It's really a nice little tool now.


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