Re: A Question about Farsi(answer)

On Fri, 2003-10-24 at 03:15, Farhan wrote:
> hello 
>   Farsi and lanuages which are written in arabic
> script like urdu will not joined properly in g-edit
> because the engine which is used for joining(rendering
> engine) in gnome does not support arabic script.Gnome
> uses pango as the rendering engine, gedit also uses
> the same.There is no problem in g-edit this is the
> problem of pango.I am working on builting the support
> of arabic script in pango.There is no arabic key board
> support in linux.If you install arbic during
> installation then data and time will be written in
> farsi but the character will not join due to rendering
> problem  

Well, no, not really.

Pango and GEdit have supported the Arabic script since 
GNOME-2.0. There may be a few places where Farsi in particular
doesn't work as well as it should (issues with ZWZ and ZWNJ)
but it will be basically usable.

The Nashtaliq styles used frequently for Farsi (and even
more frequently for Urdu) aren't supported, however.

The problem being run into here are almost certainly problems
with the wrong fonts being found.


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