Pango: Convert logical width to x coordinate width ?

Greetings All,
I am using pango_layout_get_size to get the width of some text I have layed out (i.e. text, font and font size) this gives me back (according to the docs) the "logical width." of the text. 
What I want to do is convert this to x coordinates that would then work with SVG markup.  I believe that SVG xy coordinates a fairly similar to html, so I just thought somebody might have thought about this before. 
For example if I had::
<g><text x="2639.1" y="3865.21" fill="#CF352D" font-weight="normal" font-size="1467" font-family="Aachen BT">SPORTS CLUB
And I called pango to get the "logic width" of the text I get 8250.  I want to adjust the x attribute by half of the "x-width" of the text, but obviously 4125 is too large, but something like half of this would be close.  Unfortunately I need it to be exact.
Any suggestions are greatly appreciated :-)

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