issues with input module that creates a window


I'm working on a gucharmap input module and I've run into
some issues.

When the user picks imgucharmap from the list of input
methods, a gucharmap window opens. The problem seems to be
that the window has an editable inside it, so another
gucharmap window opens as the input module for that
editable, and so on recursively, ad infinitum.

Looking through the gtk+ source, I don't see a way to
programmatically set the active input module on a widget. Is
there a way?

A possible solution would be to not immediately pop up a
gucharmap window, but wait until the user presses (say)
shift+space.  But I think that's a surefire way to make sure
no one ever figures out how to use it.

A couple of other less pressing questions. 

 - Assuming I don't do the shift+space thing, what should I
   do when the gucharmap window is closed, with alt-f4 for
 - Which window type hints would be appropriate for the
   gucharmap window?

Also, if anybody knows of another gtk+ input module that
opens a window, I'd like to look at it to get ideas.


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