Re: Enquiry on gtk immodule information.


>     I would like to know about the information for implementing a immodule for Chinese
Sounds great!

>     First, does immodule support lookup choice?? Use a small gtk window to show the 
>     choice? Use establishment API to do so, or, immodule doesn't support it at all?
immodule can use all gtk+ widget, so you can use GtkOptionMenu or
GtkTree to make lookup window.

>     Will immodule able to intercept some hot key from user input??
immodule handles all key events, so it is basically ok.

>     Do there are some definite source concerning immodule?
I don't know, but you can use following immodules as an example.

imhangul Korean(Hangul)

im-ja Japanese
  Canna Japanese conversion system and Kanjipad

uim(im-uim) Scheme script based input method collection
  *Anthy, SKK, T-code Japanese conversion system
  *Hangul/PinYin/Viqr/IPA(Phonetic symbols) from Emacs leim

They all have interesting features.
 (1)imhangul can communicate with status applet.
 (2)im-ja has Kanjipad: mouse stroke based Japanese input system
 (3)uim is a script based system, thus you can extend, configure
    and add your own input method easily.

I am author of uim, so please ask me if there is a question.
  Yusuke TABATA (yusuke cherubim icw co jp)

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