Re: utf-8

On Tue, 2003-06-03 at 06:40, Viveka Nathan K wrote:
> Hi 
>   In Pango, the strings are stroed in the UTF-8 standard.  But, while
> i read the characters as integer, it gives some negative values. For
> example,  -32 -92 -107 is stored there for Devanagari 'ka'. This is
> the case for all the characters. How can I get the exact UTF-8 value
> ?   

I don't see why this is a surprise at all to you - that IS the correct
UTF-8 encoding for KA. (E0, A4, 95, treated as 8-bit twos complement is
-32 -92 -107).  Perhaps you misunderstand UTF-8 or C.  What are you
expecting to see?


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