Re: Font priorities

At 09:13 PM 2/4/2003, Owen Taylor wrote:
One possible thing we'll be able to do in future versions of Pango, is
that I plan to do script detection, so I'll be able to tell that
a run of text is in Devanagari ... if you then had a table mapping
from language => script, you could tell that the 'en' language
tag _couldn't_ be appropriate for the Hindi text, though you would
have no idea what language tag _was_ appropriate.

ICU has code which maps a code point to a script. There is also code to identify runs of text all in the same script, taking neutral characters into account. For example, Arabic words separated by spaces will be returned as a single run.

(The ICU code which maps code points to script uses the general Unicode properties mechanism, which pulls in quite a bit of ICU; I have a version of this code which uses a table built by an ICU application so you can avoid the direct ICU dependencies...)



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