Re: Bug of pango-1.2.4

On Tue, 2003-08-26 at 22:38, James Su wrote:
> Hi,
> The mprefixups.lo should be added into the indic-xft module. Here is the
> error message of pango-querymodules:
> [suzhe dev3-166 SPECS]$ pango-querymodules > /dev/null
> Cannot load module /usr/lib/pango/1.2.0/modules/
> /usr/lib/pango/1.2.0/modules/ undefined symbol:
> indic_mprefixups_free
> /usr/lib/pango/1.2.0/modules/ does not export Pango
> module API

Yes, already fixed in CVS. I'm planning to do 1.2.5 tomorrow.


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