Fwd: [li18nux:1095] Linux Future Survey

Please vote at the address below for full Unicode support in the next 
Linux Standard Base/Li18nux standard. We are still missing fonts, 
keyboard layouts, and rendering capabilities for

Malayalam (submitted but not in distribution)

Votes for uniform font handling, including full TrueType and OpenType 
support in the major font servers, are also welcome. See the Linux 
Font HOWTO for a view of the current mess.

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Subject: [li18nux:1095] Linux Future Survey
Date: Mon, 23 Sep 2002 17:38:23 -0700 (PDT)
From: hiura li18nux org (Hideki Hiura)
To: li18nux li18nux org


We have just created a page for Linux Future Survey at


LSB 1.2 is Complete.
Li18nux 1.0(aka Li18nux2000) is Complete.

Simple Question: What is it missing?

While the LSB is moving forward with planned updates that will
 include more interfaces (such as C++) and features (such as
 standardized package management) we would like to hear from you, the
 developers and user's of Linux based applications. We want to know
 what interfaces and features future versions of the LSB and Li18nux
 shouldinclude. For that matter, we would like to know what interfaces 
 and features Linux itself is missing.

Our goal is to increase compatibility among runtime environments.
 With this, ISVs will find it cost effective to develop their
 applications for Linux with less concern for having to support the
 variations in APIs that they face today. Greater adoption of Linux
 by ISVs will mean more applications and functionality for the

This is a brainstorming phase. All thoughts are welcome. Think about
what you would like done in an ideal world with unlimited resources.

Furthermore, as you may know, we have modularized our standards
 (i.e.: LSB, Li18nux, OpenPrinting, etc.) so don't worry about the
 LSB becoming too large to be functional. We can always put features
 outside of the "LSB core" and into a modular and potentially
 optional "add-ons"

Please take time to fill in as much information as you can on survey.

hiura {freestandards org,li18nux.org,unicode.org,sun.com}
Chair, Li18nux/Linux Internationalization Initiative,
 http://www.li18nux.org Board of Directors, Free Standards
 Group,	http://www.freestandards.org Architect/Sr. Staff Engineer,
 Sun Microsystems, Inc, USA  eFAX: 509-693-8356


Edward Cherlin
Maintainer, Unicode HOWTO

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