Font setting issue

Dear all,
I'm still looking into the chinese display problem on Windows platform.
I downloaded the source of pango, and found out that there's a file called pangowin32.aliases. Inside it, there're mapping between font_name and the fonts used. I suspect I need to use that file. But, there's no indication to download this font from the win32 port page.
By the way, I've added one more font_name, say:
cjk normal normal normal normal ..................................
Then, change the resource file to use this font_name. When I started my application, there's an error message displayed on the dos prompt that can't load the font cjk. And, it switched back to San 10.
Where can I set to make my application to know where to get that file and the corresponding font?
Or any other ideas on chinese displaying on Windows platform?
Best regards,

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