Re: Many keyboard problems fixed

On Fri, 06 Sep 2002 14:47:14 -0700
Edward Cherlin <cherlin pacbell net> wrote:

> The fact that I can type on a keyboard does not mean that the result
> will be displayed correctly. I need help to find out whether 
> applications running on Mandrake can give acceptable results in the 
> Asian scripts with complex rendering requirements.
 Indic rendering in Qt is not yet ready, so doesnt work with KDE too.

> The xkb options in the KDE keyboard control module are undocumented.
> Do any of them relate to setting a compose key?
> These changes in Mandrake are not necessarily in other Linux 
> distributions.
> We still need to finish Pango or Graphite for rendering, get fonts 
> with the correct conjuncts for the Indic scripts, and add the
> missing keyboards. I believe the immediate ToDo list now is Oriya,
> Kannada, Malayalam, Telugu, Lao, Sinhala, Khmer, Tibetan, Mongolian,
> Ethiopic, Cherokee, and Thaana. I want a Yiddish keyboard, too, and
> I'm working on an APL font and keyboard. An IPA keyboard would be
> very helpful. I'm willing to leave Deseret, Shavian, and so on to
> another day, but I wouldn't complain if anybody else felt impelled
> to do that work right away.

 For Indic keyboards Inscript layout is the standard . This layout is
similar for all scripts.
 See layouts at

All XKB & xmodmap keymaps
 You can use these.

> Pablo wrote previously:
> >I have such descriptions for Malayalam (taken from the XFree86 ml),
> >Lao and Mongolian (in cyrillic); I included in upcoming MDK 9.0 the
> >keyboards mal, lao, mng.
> Excellent. What will the Mongolian/Mongolian keyboard be called?
> >Probably Oriya, Kannada and Telugu follow the same general layout
> >of indian keyboards, but I'm not sure.

Inscript layout is same for all indic scripts.


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