Re: OpenType Patches

Around 10 o'clock on Sep 6, Owen Taylor wrote:

> Looks like the right diagnosis to me ... the fix needs to be in
> Xft. Untested patch attached. 

+    if (!_XftSetFace (fi->file, fi->xsize, fi->ysize, &fi->matrix)) {
+	_XftUnlockFile (fi->file);
+	return 0;

Seems like a reasonable change; it's "harmless" to existing apps as 
_XftSetFace is idempotent.

I'll stick it in.

>  a) Replace the _XftLockFile/_XftSetFace pair in XftFontOpenInfo
>     with a single XftLockFace() call.

Can't do that one -- XftFontOpenInfo doesn't have the font, only the info.

> b) Remove the _XftSetFace() call from xftglyphs.c

And check to make sure XftLockFace succeeded.  Doh.

Keith Packard        XFree86 Core Team        HP Cambridge Research Lab

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