Re: How about adding a search path for gtk.immodules in user's home area?

Yao Zhang <yaoz vidar niaaa nih gov> writes:

> Right now, the only default directory for gtk.immodules is
>     sysconfdir/gtk-2.0/,
> even though it can be explicitly set by GTK_IM_MODULE_FILE:
> <blockquote>
> GTK_IM_MODULE_FILE. Specifies the file listing the IM modules to load. This
> environment variable overwrites the im_module_file specified in the RC files,
> which in turn overwrites the default value sysconfdir/gtk-2.0/gtk.immodules
> (sysconfdir is the sysconfdir specified when GTK+ was configured, usually
> /usr/local/etc.) 
> </blockquote>
> For someone does not have root permission, he/she has to set environment
> variable or edit RC file in order to use his/her own input method.  It is
> doable but not very convenient.  If we can add, for example,
>     ~/.gtk-2.0/,
> in the search path for gtk.immodules before we check directory
>     sysconfdir/gtk-2.0/,
> it will be much easier for everyone.  For IM developer, he/she can install
> files in the right place, either under home directory or system wide.  Then
> for most users, they are not bothered by envrionment variables.
> In order to do this, it seems glib could use something like
>    gchar *g_get_filename_in_path(const gchar *search_path,
>                                  const gchar *filename);
> It will return the first existing filename in the path.

Well, the thing is, GTK+ doesn't scan for input modules, it just reads
the contents of the "im module file", so for the user to add additional
modules, they have to create a new updated file and point GTK+ to that.


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