Re: Pango without x: fonts configuration

On Wed, 27 Mar 2002, zze-maeva balr010 wrote:

> Hi all,
> Platform: PowerPC, kernel 2.4.2.
> Installation:
>    GLIB-2.0.0 standard
>    ATK-1.0.0 standard
>    PANGO-1.0.0 configured with "--without-x"
>    GTK+-2.0.0 configured with "--with-gdktarget=linux-fb"
> Problem:
> My application should display a window with 8 buttons, each button having a
> text label. The button borders appear but not the button labels.
> The XftConfig file contains:
> 	dir "/usr/local/lib/pango/ft2fonts"
> And the corresponding directory contains 2 files: arial.ttf and times.ttf.
> Is it the right way to configure the fonts?

Not enough. You need something like:

match any family == "serif"             edit family += "Times New Roman";
match any family == "sans"              edit family += "Arial";
match any family == "mono"              edit family += "Courier New";

in the XftConfig also.

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