Can't convert accents on wingtk


I developpe an application in GTK-- under Linux for Win32

I receive data from a database.
So I put them in a Label (or Entry) and ... nothing when there's an
accent in data.

Nethermind, I try to convert 8859_1 to CP850 characters.

So I take my string (in char *) and pass it to glib/g_convert
g_convert returns me this message :
"Conversion from character set '8859_1' to 'cp850' is not suppo\rted"

So I don't have a 8859_1 or cp850 character set ?
But a copy of Entry to Label print me beautiful accents.

Please, if someone can explains this or gives me a pointer,
or perhaps the character set to use for Win32,
it will be great.


PS : I hope my english wasn't unbearable, it's so tiny ...

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