There probably isn't a completely diplomatic way to ask this, but I
guess the blunt way is "How useful is the li18nux spec?"  I know that
li18nux has been useful (for example, the Linux Standard Base cites it
for msgfmt as msgfmt isn't in the Single Unix Spec or other
standards).  I guess my question is more along the lines of how
important it is that li18nux continue to be extended and maintained.

For those who don't know, li18nux is at (click
on the "LI18NUX2000" link to see or download the spec) and it imposes
various i18n related requirements on an operating system or an

* Various libraries that should be on a conforming system (from ISO C
  functions like wcsncpy to X functions like XOpenOM or

* Requirements for input methods and output methods (e.g. able to
  input all Unicode 3.0 characters; able to output a certain set).

* Requirements on things like web browsers and email clients.

* probably some other stuff I forgot to list.

Jim Kingdon
Developer Relations, Free Standards Group
+1 202 297 3567 (cell)
kingdon freestandards org
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