Re: TIM - A Table-base Input Method Module

many months later...

> Now I just finished such a IM module which you can find it at 


> I call it TIM (Table-based Input Method).  I haven't released a package
> yet, but it is in the CVS. 

I do like this idea, if I were to give a wish list of features I'd like
to see in an IM description file I'd no doubt end up describing what
Keyman uses.  Perhaps because it is what I'm most familiar with but it
also some nice expressive syntax.

It has occured to me before that it would be nice to be able to import
keyman .kmn files directly.  Has an XML definition for IMs ever been
developed?  It would *really* be nice to have some kind of universal
vendor independent, IM definition, like unicode is to charsets.

Could TIM be taken in this direction?  Towards a XIM?  I'd be happy to
participate in defining an XML schema for it.  Anyone interested?



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