Problems w/ Mangal?


I've got my indic-xft shaper limping along. It seems to shape well, but when I display Hindi text using an IBM Devanagari font ("Devanagari MT for IBM" - built for IBM's JDK) the text display looks pretty bad. In particular, the placement of the long-I matra looks way off. (And there's no hinting; TrueType Devanagari fonts tend to look pretty bad w/o hinting...)

In an attempt to see if this was a font problem (though the font *does* display correctly on Windoze ;-) I tried using Mangal instead. With Mangal, I get this error: "Error loading GSUB table 4097" (TTO_Err_Invalid_SubTable)

I've narrowed the error down to a bad ClassRangeRecord in Load_ClassDef2 in ftxopen.c. I've tried dumping the GSUB table using the tools on Windows, and I don't see the error that this code is reporting - I suspect that ftxopen is getting lost somehow and isn't really reading what it thinks it is...

Has anyone else seem this kind of a problem with Mangal?

Eric Mader

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