Re: Working with GDK_Multi_key & Friends

Daniel Yacob <locales geez org> writes: 
> However, I don't understand the GDK_Multi_key part of it.  What
> initiates the "Multi Key" context?  Does it take a key sequence
> to get GDK_Multi_key signalled (I'm on an English 101 type keyboard)? 

English keyboards don't usually have this keysym bound by default, but
you can set one up using xmodmap or xkbcomp. Use some useless key
like the right-of-spacebar Alt or Windows key.

I think just putting this in .Xmodmap will make the right-side Windows
key into Multi_key, at least on Red Hat:

  keycode 0x74 = Multi_key

Run "xkeycaps" to see the available keycodes.


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