[ANNOUNCE] gtk+widgexts-0.0.3 beta released

The new release of gtkwidgets (gtk+widgexts-0.0.3) is in:



*** GtkxEntryMask

GtkxEntryMask is a widget based upon the GtkEntry widget, which extends
adding a type to the text.
Once the type is set, the widget only allows valid characters to be
These are the main features:

- The supported types are:

- The mask property states which characters are valid. For example:

type=STRING, mask="AA-99"

The first two characters MUST be alphanumeric, the third character MUST
be a hyphen and the last two charactres MUST be numbers. The maximun
length of the string is 5. The complete list of mask characters is at
the home page.

- The format property states the display format when the entry hasn't
got the focus. For example:

type=DATETIME, mask="dd/mm/yyyy HH:MM:SS", format="%c"

While editing, only valid digits can be typed in the place of the mask
characters 'd' for day, 'm' for month, and so on.
When the widget loses the focus, the locale preferred format for
datetimes is displayed in the text. (%c as in strftime)

- Internationalization.
For date and numeric types, if a format and mask is not given, the
locale format for dates and numbers is used.
For currency types, the locale display of the currency quantities is

- Supports cut and pasted text.
- Intelligent edition of numbers and dates.
- Convenient functions to get/set the value of the text based upon the
 - gtkx_entrymask_get_text
 - gtkx_entrymask_get_integer
 - gtkx_entrymask_get_double
 - gtkx_entrymask_get_time_t
 - gtkx_entrymask_set_text
 - gtkx_entrymask_set_integer
 - gtkx_entrymask_set_double
 - gtkx_entrymask_set_time_t
- Configurable blank_char. This permits the following display

 Telephone number: (___)__-__-__


*** This is a beta realease aimed to be tested before the first stable
release. The main testing must be done in:

- Internationalization.

I have made a great effort to support locale currency and date formats,
but I would like programmers from all parts of the world to test those

- Editing of numbers and dates.

Perhaps already there exists some minor bugs in the position of the
cursor while editing complicated masks.

- Multiplatform.

I am currently programming on a Linux 2.2-14 on an i586 with gnome, but
I would like to test this widgets on as much platforms as possible.

- Libraries.

I am not confident about the library building (make install). I have not
many experience with this.

I look forward to hearing from you!

Please, report any bug, comment or feature request at:


Happy testing!

 Santiago Capel

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