Re: gtk+/build/

Havoc Pennington <hp redhat com> wrote:
Eric Mader <mader jtcsv com> writes:
> I'm trying to build gtk+ from this afternoon's CVS. When I type
> "./" I get an error message that says that build/
> doesn't exist.

I get this error sometimes. I think it's a really old problem. I'm not sure exactly what's going on though. The message is caused by having build/* in AC_OUTPUT in, but I don't know what's up with the build dir not existing.


As near as I can tell, the build directory isn't in CVS... On my machine at home it looks like CVS brought it over, but on my work machine there's no sign of that directory - I tried "cvs update -d" (I actually used gcvs) several times, and it didn't pull over that directory. Using Bonsai to browse the archive doesn't show a build directory either...


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