I cant use Cyrillic fonts with any GTK+-1.2.9 based apps

Hello list!
Problem with Cyrillic symbols:I can not type any letter in,for example,
Sylpheed-0.7.8. Then I use English symbols,everything works great,but then I insert any letter in Russian in body or subject of the mail and try to save it in Draft folder or sent,I immediatelly get a Segmentation Fault.Whole program crashes,and window disappear from desktop.

What is it?

I think whis is the wrong settings of GTK,because problem take place with any appli- cation build against GTK-GIMP,Sylpheed,X-Chat...On my system I use ISO-8859-5charset (do not want use KOI8-R for some reasons).In all other apps like Mozilla-1.0,Opera, Konqueror etc. everything works fine.I use XFree86 Version 4.2.0 with X font server,path to Cyrillic fonts checked.Keys switch with Alt+Shift(option in XF86Config).Memory modules also OK- on the same machine in Red Hat 7.2
everything enumerated above works fine.

How can I get more verbose output from program before crash or even from GTK?

Thank you for your time.Sorry for my awful English.


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