Re: Should gtk_im_context_set_client_window be changed to set_client_widget?

Yao Zhang <yaoz vidar niaaa nih gov> writes:
> To input Chinese, one key sequence could has multiple characters/words
> candidates.  To deal with that, most Chinese input methods will popup
> a candidate window so the user can see the instant feedback and make
> his/her choices.
> It is preferrable that the font used in the candidate window is the
> same as/consistent with the font used by the client window.  Unfortunately
> there is no way to do that cleanly in the current IM context interface.
> One possible solution is to change
>     void gtk_im_context_set_client_window(GtkIMContext *context,
>                                           GdkWindow *window);
> to
>     void gtk_im_context_set_client_widget(GtkIMContext *context,
>                                           GtkWidget *widget);
> Now the IM module knows about the widget and through the widget, it can
> retrieve pango context (gtk_widget_get_pango_context()) so the font, etc. 

It would be good to open a report on about this.

As a workaround, if you call gdk_window_get_user_data() on the
GdkWindow, the user data contains the GtkWidget owning that window.


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