Re: Automatic paragraph direction in gtktextlayout

On Sun, 2001-09-30 at 16:06, dov imagic weizmann ac il wrote:
> Each paragraph should be decided independently whether it is RTL
> or LTR. Only if there are no strong characters in the paragraph 
> (E.g. a single line containing the "> " string), will the direction
> be according to the the previous paragraph. Of course the user 
> can modify the direction by insertion of a RLM or LRM zero-width
> unicode control character. 
> About switching the direction according to the keyboard map, I
> don't think it is possible. As far as I understand the text widget
> has no information of the keyboard layout at all, and only responds
> to characters that are input. As switching the keyboard layout is
> done internally inside server, I don't think it generates
> any event that may be caught and identified by the widgets. Also, as 
> far as I understand, it is not possible to have the widgets request a 
> change in keyboard layout that might be desirable by clicking on
> a strong LTR or RTL character. I am not sure about this though,
> as I'm not an expert on gdk, and would be happy to be proven wrong.

According to what you said, it might be possible to have the direction
select itself, according to the first character. So, if I'm writing in
hebrew (strong charachter in hebrew) it should be LTR, unless I don't
understand your post.
BTW, what is a strong character, in hebrew or english?

Uri David

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