Re: of pango

KUSANO Takayuki <AE5T-KSN asahi-net or jp> writes:

>   I've tried to create .deb package of pango (CVS HEAD) for
> experimental purpose, and found 2 problems.
> 1. When I exec 'make install DESTDIR=/some/where',
>    generated '/etc/pango/pango.modules' contains $DESTDIR as modules'
>    pathname like this:

For RPMS, I've been running pango-querymodules in the post-install
hook. I think you should be doing this as well.

> 2. 'ls $(DESTDIR)$(libdir)/pango/modules/*.so' always fail in the above rule, 
>    because 'make install' in 'modules' sub-directory is executed after
>    'make install' in 'pango' sub-directory.
>    So I had to execute
>       (cd modules ; make install DESTDIR=/some/where)
>    before executing
>       make install DESTDIR=/some/where

OK, this is a problem, hadn't noticed it yet, since the build
order was only reordered recently. 

The simple solution here is to move the rule for generation of
/etc/pango/pango.modules to the modules directory, which I
will do.


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