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Chookij Vanatham <chookij thestork eng Sun COM> writes:

> Hi Owen,....
> ] From: Owen Taylor <otaylor redhat com>
> ] Subject: Re: Another --> Re: GtkMovementStep of GtkTextView
> ] To: gtk-i18n-list gnome org
> ] 
> ] Vikram Subramanian <vikrams www chennailug org> writes:
> ] 
> ] > > Neither do Arabic people like the Backspace after "Lam-Alef" to delete
> ] > > both letters.
> ] > >
> ] > > --roozbeh
> ] > 
> ] > Hi,
> ] >     I posted this issue at the Tamil Linux group. The general opinion seem
> ] > to point toward undoing the effects of the last key pressed and not
> ] > deleting the entire cluster. Mostly people type the wrong vowel to combine
> ] > with the consonant and want to undo only the vowel part and not the base
> ] > consonant with it. Ofcourse it's always better when it's kept configurable.
> ] 
> ] This seems to be a general consensus for behavior during input for a lot
> ] of languages.
> ] 
> ] Doing this editing, doing this is relatively easy, since it can at the
> ] input method level.  The main disadvantage is that languages that
> ] otherwise don't require an input method (like Tamil) would then
> ] require an input method. But an input method can also provide the
> ] additional advantage of prohibiting the entry of invalid sequences,
> ] when the language has such.
> I'd like to say the important thing and I don't really have input method
> experience so, correct me if this isn't the case.
> For Thai, no matter Thai is requiring input method or not (now, it's not),
> as long as, everytime, when Thai character typed/keyed, we (Thai people)
> will not want to type another key (usually enter key) to say "commit"
> (like in japanese/chinese). Also, we don't want another input pop-up window
> for this input method. As long as the Thai character keyed/typed,
> it will be submitted to the logical steam (text), right away and the
> output method will take care it.

You might want to try out some of the input methods with included with
GTK+ now - the transliterated cyrillic one is a fairly easy one to
fool around with since it doesn't require knowledge of a different
keyboard layout.

You'll see that no explicit commit operation is needed - the input
method automatically commits the text when it has an unambiguous


[ Note that all compose handling for European languages is handled by
  an input method as well, even more invisibily, just as it is in Xlib ]

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