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On Thu, 24 May 2001 21:24:03 +0200
Pablo Saratxaga <pablo mandrakesoft com> wrote:

> Mmh, I realize that in fact there must be two different keyboard layouts for
> tamil; one is the iscii like, where there is no need of input method to
> type in utf-8; the other is the layout used by people typing in tscii;
> there would probably be a need to have an input method to allow typing
> in utf-8 using that layout, that probably a lot of people are used to.

 The former one you say is the inscript layout.  ISCII & inscript were both developed around same time
 Since in this layout you only type ISCII (or base set) characters they are mapped one-2-one one key board. So no input method is needed, keymaps suffice .  Those input methods i sent for gtk+ was just that. 
  Here we dont have any thing like a Indian keyboard. All keys have english labels, some keyb manufacturers do give bilingual keyb usually for govt. offices with inscript layout. Or keyb stickers are made available, for diff layouts.
  Since people are more fimiliar with english keyb they prefer transliterated or phonetic (where 'k' becomes KA,  't' - TA, 'y' YA so on..  For this input method will be needed.
  And there is the layout used by typewriters. this also will need input method.

Plz correct if I am wrong.


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