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    Chookij> I'm just realizing that lam+alif case, the cursor can be in
    Chookij> between.  This is different than the hindi ligature which cursors
    Chookij> couldn't be placed in the middle. If this isn't correct, anyone
    Chookij> please clearify ?

This is true.  Cursors do not show up well in Indic aksharas because of things
like half forms, subjoined consonants, and non-spacing vowels (plus RA).

There are ways to simulate cursor motion through an akshara (cluster).
Underlining the separate pieces, for instance, as the cursor key is pressed,
leaving the I-beam cursor in one place.

    Chookij> Just want to make sure that I understand the point, in Pango
    Chookij> technology, we are trying to sepearate between the "display"
    Chookij> algorithm and "cursor movement" algorithm. So, in this lam+alif
    Chookij> case, the cursor can be moved/placed in between lam and alif but
    Chookij> it's not because of 2 characters forms one cluster and they
    Chookij> aren't one single grapheme. It shouldn't be matter because the
    Chookij> display algorithm and cursor movement algorithm are
    Chookij> seperate. Right ?

Correct.  When moving forward, the internal cursor moves over the LAM and ALIF
characters while the external cursor moves over the single ligature (grapheme)
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