Re: UTF-8 Strings

David Eduardo Gomez Noguera wrote:
> I saw this post, and i just thought.
> I need to make a program to parse an utf-8 file.
> It has japanese and latin characters. How can i parse it?
> can something from iconv help? or i am too far?
> must i check each byte to see if it is valid or not?
> This text file has fields sepparated by double spaces.
> thank you.
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I'm using glib-1.3.5. Many of the functions needed are in gunicode.h.
There is also an example 'unicode-encoding.c' that parses a UTF-8 text
file 'utf8.txt' in the ../glib-1.3.5/tests subdirectory. Just in case
you didn't already know.


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