Re: Searching example for 'gtk_item_factory_set_translate_func'

Ok Daniel, thanks a lot for your help, cause the function
'gtk_item_factory_set_translate_func' isn't documented into GTK tutorial :(
and I'll pay more attention to file app/menu.c in Gimp


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Date : mardi 27 mars 2001 16:23
Objet : Re: Searching example for 'gtk_item_factory_set_translate_func'

>On 27 Mar, Jerome COUDERC wrote:
>> I had been already a look to Gimp sources, but I didn't find it 'very
>> clear'...
> It's really quite simple and you should be able to figure it out.
> Simply write a function that accepts a const gchar * as the
> translateable string and a gpointer to some additional data (if
> needed). The function should translate the string and return the
> translation.
> Pass the function to this pointer into the set_translate_func call.
> It's as simple as that.
> For simple applications you can also pass a pointer to a function that
> just calls the gettext function. It's just dynamic so more complex
> applications can have their own handling and also use other libraries
> than gettext (libxml comes to mind).
> In GIMP we've implemented a bit more to handle plugins which have their
> own catalog and some other stuff...
>> Let me see in gnome.. :)
> Bad luck, GNOME doesn't use item_factory except for rc file parsing and
> thus you probably won't find it there. Also the menus are completely
> broken wrt to internationalisation because they use(d?) the translation as
> identifier.
>       Daniel/gtk-i18n-list

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