Re: atk and Pango

Brian Cameron <Brian Cameron Sun COM> writes:

> Chookij & Owen:
> ATK's dependency on Pango has already been removed in the CVS head.
> Actually if you check the docs at the website:
> The functions "atk_text_ref_run_attributes" already uses an
> AtkAttributeSet structure and no longer uses a PangoAttrList.
> Also the AtkEditableText function "atkeditable_set_run_attributes"
> has been likewise changed in the CVS head.  Although this hasn't
> been reflected on the API pages.  How frequently
> do they get updated?  This change was made over a week ago.

The build of the 2.0 platform docs has been broken for a while - it's
a mini-tinderbox and needs some manual care. After Saturday, hopefully
I'll have time to fix it.


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