Re: atk and Pango

Chookij Vanatham <chookij thestork eng Sun COM> writes:

> Hi,
> I'm curious if there is the plan to have atk using Pango.
> I saw just the pango header files in atkeditabletext.h, atktext.h

I believe the direction is to remove this dependency -- it's
only being used for one very small thing -- the PangoAttrList
structure for attributed text.

But PangoAttrList was designed for a very specific purpose:
feeding attributes to the text layout process. Its
not clear that it really matches the goals of ATK very
well in this area -- expressing logical intent can be more
important for ATK.

Also it's not clear that adding a dependency on Pango for just
one data structure makes sense -- ATK is about interface,
not implementation, and Pango is mainly about implementing
text layout.


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