Re: Pango Unicode coverage

Edward Cherlin <cherlin pacbell net> writes:

> The following writing systems, among others, are included in Unicode 
> 3.1.

> What is their status in Pango? Is this information available anywhere?

Not really. General notes, I'd make:

 - Many languages don't require anything but an appropriate

 - For more complicated languages, support is more of a matrix -
   individual support needs to be written for different font 
   backends - a fair number of languages (South Asian languages) 
   are only supported fully with traditional X fonts.

> Latin (ASCII and Latin-1)  supportedn
> Extended Latin A and B  ?

> Greek  Monotonic supported, polytonic No
Some support for polytonic greek. Accent placement may not be optimal.

> Cyrillic  supported for Russian. What about other languages?
Yes, all languages.

> Hebrew  For Hebrew and Aramaic, in process. For Yiddish and Ladino, No
Yes, for all languages. (Haven't actually tried Ladino...)
Support for combining marks better for X backend. 

> Arabic  In process
Yes. (Pretty good support both X and Xft)

[ Don't know where you got "in process" for either Hebrew or
  Arabic. While the support could be improved, as always,
  it's quite complete and functional. ]

> Chinese supported (Traditional and Simplified)
> Chinese Zhuyin (Bopomofo) ?

> Japanese (Kanji, Hiragana, Katakana) supported
> Korean (Hanja, Hangul Jamo, Hangul Johab) ?
Yes. Combining Jamo only for X backend.

> Devanagari ?
Yes. (X backend only)
> Bengali ?
Yes (X backend only)

> Gurmukhi ?
Yes. (X backend only)

> Oriya ?

> Kannada ?

> Malayalam ?

> Gujarati ?
Yes. (X backend only)

> Tamil ?

> Telugu ?

> Tibetan No
> Sinhala No

> Burmese No
Yes. (X backend only)

> Thai ?
Yes. (Support better on backend)

> Lao No
> Khmer No

> Armenian No
> Georgian No

> Ethiopic No
Yes (?)

> (Syriac, Thaana, Deseret, Shavian, Braille, Math, APL, etc. we can 
> worry about later.)

All languages in the BMP that don't require special support will
be supported. (So, Thaana, Braille, Math, APL...) Syriac would
need special support. Forget of Deseret is BMP or not.


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