Re: OpenType Indic Support

--- Havoc Pennington <hp redhat com> wrote:
> The overwhelming trend in X these days is to push all
> intelligence
> into the toolkit instead of the X server. So the new
> Xrender extension
> and Xft font infrastructure is designed with that in
> mind.

The main advantage of putting Shapers at X Window level is
that we can use existing toolkits with minimal or no
changes. Take as an example, the XPtoolkit used in
Netscape. It is very unlikely that Netscape will give up
using their own toolkit for rendering and use Pango. They
may not want to rewrite the code. If we put shapers at X
window level then we can directly use DrawString functions
to render the text correctly even without using any
specific toolkit.

Comments are welcomed.

- Keyur

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