Cannot display japanese characters


I've just compiled & built linux from scracth for my new machine, and now having problem with displaying japanese characters on gtk applications. 
Here is what I've done:
0. Compiling linux (kernel, modutils, X, & everything needed)
1. Compiling gtk+-1.2.10 with the following options:
and installed to the new machine.
2. Compiling & Installing:
    - rxvt
    - Mozilla / Netscape 6.2
    - Sylpheed (gtk based mail client)
    - Skipstone (gtk based web browser)
    - Japanese "hello world" application (gtk based)

I use glibc-2.1.3 with locale-ja. I also have the japanese fonts installed. The LANG and LC_ALL are set to 'ja'.

As a result, those that are not gtk (i.e.,rxvt, Mozilla, Netscape) do display japanese characters properly while those gtk applications (Sylpheed, Skipstone, and japanese 'hello world') just show garbled characters. These gtk applications work well on redhat 6.2, but when I copied them into then new machine (where the gtk is compiled), they don't show japanese characters.
So I guess I did some mistake when configuring gtk.
There is no error message, the gtk appli's just don't show them correctly.

Are the options for compiling gtk+ (see no 1) correct ? Are they any other options that should've been specify to enable internationalization ?
I have been searching this archives of this mailing-list with no success.
Any help would be greatly appreciated.


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