Re: imethiopic.c offered

Daniel Yacob <locales geez org> writes:

> Greetings,
> With some direction by Robert Brady I've managed to modify
> modules/input/iminuktitut.c into a working input method for
> Ethiopic script.  It is available here:
>   (contains imethiop.c and an updated Makefile)
> It is at an 85% complete stage, I'm posting to the group now
> in case I'm hit by a truck before I can attend to the remaining
> 15% :)

OK, when you think it is ready, I'll be happy to add it to

(I have just a few doubts about using GtkIMContextSimple for this:

 - It seems a little wasteful to use a big table for something 
   that is very consistent.
 - At some point, we may want to move to a more sophisticated
   table (or file) driven system for this simple type of input method...
   perhaps something like Mark Leisher's mim.

But, it works, and gives us all the other features of
gtkimcontextsimple.c, so I think it's fine for now.)

> Presently I don't see any issues that would block the completion
> for Ethiopic.  I can see one or two issues were some enhancement
> can be made for Ethiopic script support (actually it would
> benefit any script), I have no way of knowing if the issue is
> pango or IM related, or somewhere else in GTk+.  Is the maintainer
> for the input method modules available on this list?

That would be me, more or less. What enhancments are you looking


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