Re: charset code conversion in I/O

> I think we'll be adding some more conversion utility functions:
>  - locale <=> UTF-8  [ Pretty simple, Robert Brady has a patch ]
>  - read a file a line at a time, converting on the fly
>  - read a whole file into a string, converting on the fly
> I'm not sure about adding conversion into g_io_channel - I think
> we'd have to change the interfaces to do better error reporting
> for one thing, and it would be a fairly major job to get right - 
> probably too much for Glib-2.0.

  How about generic interfaces for 'Auto detection' of encodings?
  Such functions may be useful for some applications such as
  web browsers (especially, based on gtkhtml widget), text editors.
  Mozilla has such classes.

  KUSANO Takayuki <URL:>

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