Re: Re: Bidirectional Bugs in hebrew

Hello Pablo and Chookij
Thank you for your replies. 

> > ] And if we use soft hyphen (0xad, available in iso-8859-6 (Arabic),
> > ] iso-8859-8 (Hebrew), cp1255 (Hebrew + Yiddish), cp1256
> (Arabic+Farsi+Urdu))
> > ] would it produce a rtl string ?
> >
> > I haven't tried this but I think, you should get the same result
> because
> > "soft hyphen" would not be the R type like hebrew alphabet.
> but shouldn't a neutral char inherit the "default" direction (in this
> case
> being RTL if you write in Hebrew.
> Well, I'll try it...
> It works!:

How would I input soft hyphen instead of minus? (what key)
If I write something like "8" soft-hyphen "9" will I still get something
like this "8-9" or will it be something else?
If it won't matter then I say make it the default in the hebrew XKB file.
(just tell me the key name and I will do it)

> > Because you are using this in unicode locale, so, you can try typing
> > RLO or RLE before typing "minus sign" to force the direction to be
> Right to
> > left,

Such an attempt wouldn't work for normal users. If you would tell me how to
input soft hyphen I'll play around with it.

Uri David

Both these names are my first name, not just Uri or just David. 

If anyone needs any more XKB files for various languages I have no problem
creating them if you refer me to any map of the keyboard. I'd be happy to
do that.

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