Devanagari Terminal

Hi Steve, others,

Does anybody know who has Devanagari Terminal that I can try ?

Chookij V.

] Chookij Vanatham wrote:
] > Again, input methods should not be confused with output methods.
] > Input methods can prevent these but there is one mode in that
] > input methods not to check any invalid sequence and I use it
] > to input invalid sequence to teach Thai kid that this's not
] > the right way to spell it. Hopefully, that Thai user person
] > wouldn't tell me not to input it...Right ? too much to control users.
] > Users come first.... :)
] Other Indic languages have the same issues. The input methods I saw in India
] reorder the input to a standardised form, but then the output method does the 
] thing again. It seemed they did not trust the content of files, and were 
] to never display anything which is syntactically incorrect. Those systems will
] display a single valid cell, regardless of the order of the components forming 
] They also have logic so that poorly formed cells may not be displayed at all. 
] seemed strange to me that there could be stuff in a file which is completely
] invisible on output. This didn't seem to be a selectable feature, at least on 
] systems I saw.
] Regards,
] Steve
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