Re: Adding tis620.2533-0 into Thai Pango engine

Hi Owen,

] I think it is highly problematical if different fonts are available with
] the same charset name but they don't work the same way.
] Trying to base this on the "platform" is not going to work, considering
] the fact that you can run on a remote X display, and that users
] are perfectly free to install the Linux fonts on their Solaris
] box (etc.) if they are so inspired.
] One possibility is to add a capability to the X/Pango interface
] to find out the exact name of the font that is being used, and
] then modify the shaping rules based on some list of foundry/family
] names.

I think this way is better than just checking charset-name.

Just to clearify one thing that whether there is the chance even the same exact
fonts are available with the same charset name but on different platform, it
doesn't mean that layout mechanism or cell-clustering need to be the same.
Please let me know if this though isn't correct.


May be, the exact fonts on different platforms should have different
names, then, this though shoudn't be the concerned. Right ?

] Another possibilty, if we can identify some particular way of
] doing it (perhaps the Solaris way), as definitely the _right_
] way to do it, is just to standardize on that, and require the
] fonts work in that fashion. This would have to be done in
] coordination with the Thai Linux/open source community, of
] course. 
Well!!! I think this choice is a bit harder and don't know how long
it will take.

Chookij V.

] Regards,
]                                         Owen
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