Re: Thai/Devanagari in GNOME Terminal

On Sat, 21 Oct 2000, Tzafrir Cohen wrote:

> >From my (not very long) exprience with working on terminal emulation from
> Windows with bidirectional Hebrew support, and similar programs, it will
> probably can never be perfect. For instance, in many cases there is no
> good way to determain the base directionality of a piece of text.

This is what RLM and LRM are for. :) Also, we plan to have an override in
a popup menu.  But for light use, it will be fine.

> Furthermore, the application running in the xterm may have a real
> bidirectional support. Therefore the terminal emulation should make it
> easy for the user to disable the bidirectional support. They may be less
> important for other proggrams, but a terminal emulation basically displays
> the output of other programs, and not much more.

Indeed, this is why there are some "disable/enable bidi" control sequences
that I will soon implement.


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