I can see Thai script in Pango in Solaris now.

Hi Owen,

] You probably want to to copy the installed
] $(sysconfdir)/pango/pangox.aliases to the various aliases in
] ~/.pangox.aliases and then add your font.

I found out that actually, Pango refers to the file
named ~/.pangox_aliases" in the Pango's source code
as shown below.

static void
pango_x_font_map_read_aliases (PangoXFontMap *xfontmap)
  char **files;
  char *files_str = pango_config_key_get ("PangoX/AliasFiles");
  int n;

  if (!files_str)
    files_str = g_strdup ("~/.pangox_aliases:" SYSCONFDIR 


That's why I can see Thai script. May be, this is the bug in Pango.

Chookij V.

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