gtk-1.2.8 problem with Japanese font widths?


   I have been using a (Japanese) Turbolinux 6.0 system, which 
was configured for a Japanese environment (EUC encoding) and
worked well with gtk+-1.2.7. I recently upgraded to gtk+-1.2.8.
I found an rpm file for this, which of course displayed garbled
Japanese characters. So I got the source and recompiled after 
confguring with the "--with-locale=ja_JP.eucJP" option. This
works OK, the Japanese characters get displayed. But the character
widths don't seem to be correct. Gtk seems to think the character 
strings are shorter than they really are, so that e.g. button labels 
get all jumbled together with the last couple of characters truncated. 
Does anyone have any suggestions for fixing this? (I may well go back 
to 1.2.7, but seems like a waste to have gotten this far...)


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