Mailing list status

I wanted to convey couple of items about the status of the GTK+
mailing lists:

 - As most of you will be aware from earlier messages, the GTK+
   mailing lists have been moved to a new server, which also is now
   serving the GNOME mailing lists.

   For the last several weeks, mail directed to the address
   has been going through the old list server, and mail directed to
   the new addresses has been going through the new

   At this point, we are trying to get aliases set up to redirect the
   traffic from the aliases to the However,
   it appears that mail from outside of Red Hat is not being redirected
   though these aliases properly. While we are working to resolve this
   problem, please use the new addresses:
 - The archives of old messages for the GTK+ lists have been
   moved over and are now available from:<listname>

 - You can subscribe, unsubscribe and set list subscription options by
   following the links to particular lists from:

   You can also ask to be mailed a reminder of your password for a 
   particular list from this page.

                                        Owen Taylor

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