Looking for info

	I would like to understand the relationship between Gnome-Text,
Gnome-Font, and Pango.

	I'm developing a Gtk+ text widget which will support 16-bit
Unicode.  Internally, it will store characters in a UCS-2 encoded gapped
text buffer, but the API for using the widget will read/write UTF-8
strings.  (I want to support Regex directly on the gapped buffer, so this
design may change once I learn more about the GNU regex library)

	As an application developer, I know that I will need to use Pango.
But will I need to use Gnome-Text?  Gnome-Font?

	I'm looking for a basic overview of what these are and how they
fit together in an application.  The stuff at
http://www.levien.com/gnome/text.html isn't helping me any.

	Any references (or information) is greatly appreciated.

Thank You,
Derek Simkowiak

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