Re: Pango status, arabic support

Pablo Saratxaga <> writes:

> Kaixo!
> On Mon, Jun 12, 2000 at 10:12:55PM +0200, Karl Koehler wrote:
> > A Question: How can I enter the zero-width joiner ?
> > That is, what is the keysym for this or how would I use
> > an input translation method to get it entered ?
> after looking at XFree86 files I don't see it either...
> those are however very useful to have; I Cc: to XFree86 lists to ask
> about keysysms for zerowidthjoiner and zerowidthnonjoiner.

I believe that in Windows 2000 (not having used it), you can do this
by right-clicking on a editable area and there are options for
inserting various control characters.

I think I do want to have a mechanism for editable widgets to have a
right-click menu to select input methods and also pick options for the
current input method.

But it would not hurt to have some key stroke for zwj etc.  (Somebody
at one point mentioned an ISO standard for inputing Unicode code
points as numerical values from the keyboard. While that would a
last-resort fallback, it might be nice to add that so there is always
at least some method of entering characters.)


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