Re: Comprehensive East-Asian support

> > > options for left-to-right and right-to-left (I'm not sure if Japanese is
> > > ever written right-to-left, now or in the past).
> > Only for one line texts. It is considered as vertical writting with columns
> > of one char length.
> Does this imply that Japanese text is often written with a right-to-left title
> line, and a vertical body below it? Interesting. I hadn't thought of that as a
> possibility. 

  Yes, some text is written in such manner. But it is rare case.

  Currently, most articles writte in Japanese is L-to-R (horizontal)
or T-to-B (vertical).

  R-to-L is used as

   * Signage (at Temples, shirnes, etc.)
   * Horizontal banner (in early 1900's or older era)
   * Company name written in right side of vehicles
   * Title of some type of articles

and in each cases, only one or a few lines are appeared. Long
sentenses or articles are written in T-to-B or L-to-R.

  I think Japanese is originally written in T-to-B (vertical) only,
and R-to-L can be "considered as vertical writting with columns of one
char length".

    According to Omega 1.10 (multilingual TeX) announcement in Unicode
    ML that I read in unicode ML, it supports 32 writing directions.

  KUSANO Takayuki <URL:>

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