On the spot input

With regards to XIM, I think that it would be better _not_ to depend
on the implementation of X.  I think that it's kind of kludge.

I believe that input method support should be designed as one of
editing facilities (such as deleting character, killing word, and mark
the part of text...), not as some kind of features of keyboard input.

How about defining some editing extentional API for GTK entry and GTK
text?  And implementing input method support with the extention?
Possibly, the extention uses CORBA for communicating conversion
service or dictionary support.

I proposed this solution last year, but I've not worked at all.
So, no working code yet.

The idea is extention to readline library for TTY case, and extention
to GTK for window environment.

Any comments are appriciated.
Niibe Yutaka

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