Re: broken pango/modules/basic/

>> Could you give us the list of mapping files which you used
>> to generate tables-big.i etc?
> Mappings/ISO8859/8859-(\d+).TXT => iso-8859-\1
> Mappings/EASTASIA/GB/GB2312.TXT => gb-2312
> Mappings/EASTASIA/JIS/JIS0208.TXT => jis-0208
> Mappings/EASTASIA/KSC/KSC5601.TXT => ksc-5601
> Mappings/VENDORS/MISC/KOI8-R.TXT => koi8-r
>The TIS mapping I used I basically created myself; I suppose I could
>check that one in.

Much Thanks, I could not find TIS mapping table on
the web site of Unicode consortium - I see why.

> b) the formats of the tables in the source are hard to
>    process. (they are different for different character sets.)

Hmm, their formats are so hard to process? Just I've written a GNU
libc charmap (glibc-x.y.z/localedata/charmaps/) version of "".
(TIS mapping can be generated from GNU libc charmaps.)

However, I must apologize - the GNU libc charmaps can not replace
all of maps provided by Unicode consorthium. The charmaps for CJK
languages accompanied in glibc-2.0.x and glibc-2.1.x (x =< 3) are
"reduced" style, not fully-informed. Although current glibc-2.1.9x
informs fully, but still some maps are lacked. I should give it up,
and should consider another method.

Thanks again,


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